for students from ANY school, held at CARY ACADEMY AND DOUGLAS ELEMENTARY

Camp Descriptions

Vets in Training

Calling all animal lovers! Future veterinarians will explore all things animal. Activities include science explorations, visitors (real animals, the bug lady, a veterinarian, and more), community service for the SPCA, role play, arts & crafts, games, recess, quiet time, Friday afternoon movie and party, and much more. Campers please bring an old stuffed animal (for surgery) and a shoebox. Get ready for a fun and busy week!  Instructed by Wendy Fahrenthold

Rising 1-4 and 4-6th grades

Art a’ la Carte

Campers will learn new techniques and explore different materials to create a variety of cool and unique art projects, using CLAY, PRINTMAKING, MOSAIC, and PAINT POURING. Instructed by Wendy Fahrenthold

Rising 1-6 and 6-9th Grades

Boy’s Book Adventures

This camp is designed to foster a love of literature, through engaged reading and writing, hands-on activities, arts and crafts, role play, and more. Campers will create, write, and act out stories on several high-interest topics such as pirates and dinosaurs! Instructed by Renee Fields. 

Rising 1st - 4th Grades

Cool Concoctions

Do you like science experiments? In this club you'll get to study science while making different concoctions like slime, crystals, tie dying, and many more! Students will get to go home with new experiments every day. And don't forget we will get to see some fun, but safe explosions! Instructed by Amelia 


Rising 1st - 4th Grades

Fancy Nancy

Discover the wonderful world of Fancy Nancy. If your little girl loves dressing up and glitter is her favorite color, this is the camp for her! We will read books then discuss the literary themes, focusing on characters, setting, problem, and solutions of each story. Campers will learn the different elements of fiction and non-fiction books. We will then create beautiful and useful crafts, based on the stories, and learn to use different materials. We will also write about the stories and create our own fancy stories. Instructed by Renee Fields. 

Rising 1st - 4th Grades

How Things Work (STEM)

Do you like to build and put things together? Do you like challenges? In this club students will learn about different careers like engineering, architects, and electricians. Students will get to build bridges, towers, and mazes. Students will challenge each other to see who can build and make the most sturdiest, highest, fastest models. Instructed by Amelia Sheaffer

Rising 1st - 6th Grades